Ayurvedic Healing in Ishikawa

Thank you for visiting Ayurveda Salon Kanti Homepage.
Our salon is located in the comfort of a private house at the Satoyama City of Nomi,
in the Southwest of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
In Sanskrit Language Ayurveda means the knowledge of life while  Kanti is a word with multiple meanings like:
Light,shine,beauty,feminine beauty,brightness, desire,sweet color,feminine attractiveness and so on..
These words together symbolize our spirit of not only keeping the external beauty and health,
but rediscovering and pursuing the inner real beauty that every man and woman have to reach more important spiritual goals.
Through various ancient practices we would like to ensure you the one to one time you deserve and need for our relaxing services which is why they are by appointment only. 
Our guests include:
-Babies and children.
-School and University students.
-Adult Women and Men *
*(Adult men must be introduced by other guests)
Happily looking forward to serve you.

Restore & Relaxation


Healing Room

Bringing/ Getting back to origin

Ayurvedic Salon Kanti
Ayurveda,Abhyanga,Oil massage,Reiki therapy,
Psychic Reading,Marma,Energy points,Healing, etc
Working Hours
10:00-17:00 (Final Reception Time)
In case of any inconvenience on the above mentioned time,
kindly feel free to contact us.


22,000 yen(total 100 min. session)


Head Massage

60 min.,15,000yen+tax 

60 min.,15,000yen+tax


Nomi-city is located of the southern part of Ishikawa, approximately 20km from the capital of the Prefecture, Kanazawa City.


Foreign language correspondence

English,Spanish and Korean available


◆한국어 (공부하고 있습니다)



Samastha lokah sukino bhabanntu

Om shanti shanti shantih

Ayurveda Salon Kanti  mail:salon_kanti♪yahoo.co.jp Please change ♪ to @.Nomi-shi,Ishikawa